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Electrical Charge Conducted by Water is the New Frontier of Hydration

Water is no longer just H2O. Stunning new discoveries in major science labs have identified states of water beyond liquid, vapor, and ice.

H3O2=Water That Moves!
Describing water as only H2O can no longer capture all states of water. New physics and wave particle knowledge shows us that when water moves and spins, it re-organizes and re-structures to create electrical charge.  Once water molecules move they begin to link up and share electrons, condensing and cohering more tightly. Once this change happens, water is better described as H3O2.  A single water molecule is indeed H2O, but H3O2, or structured water, describes what water does in motion, over space and time.  

Structured water is also known as gel water, liquid crystalline water, ordered water, 4th phase, EZ water or H3O2. Though theorized for over 100 years, it was first documented by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab, University of Washington, Seattle.

Structuring water allows electrical charge to begin cascading or hopping from one molecule to another, creating more charge, more energy. This spin and structure turns water molecules into tiny batteries, raising our hydrating energy to new potentials. We always knew water conducts electricity, we just didn’t know how much more we could help it conduct.

Water as Your Fuel

So electrical charge conducted by water is the new frontier.  The new story of water is structured, it’s H3O2. It’s why water is your fuel, and hydration is your source. We can use this new information to accelerate healing and repair in all living bodies of water, even us.