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The Hydration Foundation was founded in the void of information about good water, especially emerging science that concluded our regular water is compromised. We wanted to create a place where people could easily find credible information from respected scientists and doctors and present it in such a way people could make up their own minds.

We felt the pressing need to make information actionable and affordable for busy families, so we created a lot of recipes that make good water available through food. For instance, so much good water is locked inside a watermelon (91%), a salad leaf (96%) an apple (84%).  Hydration is available in ways that are more effective than guzzling 8 glasses a day.

But good water is more than just-food.  We still need to drink and bathe, and for that, we need additional resources. Why? Why can’t we just use the water that comes out of our tap?  It’s wet, after all.

At the Hydration Foundation, our job is research.  In short, we became aware that water from pipes and bottles has been stripped of its capacity to conduct electricity. Some solutions we looked at were very expensive or added to the very ecological burden we are trying to solve.  We went out and met people, scientists, doctors, designers and inventors, went to labs, clinics, farms, greenhouses, spas.  We were impressed with the love and care we found. But we found one person, one place, we really endorse wholeheartedly: Patrick Durkin at The Wellness Enterprise.  So strong was the alignment of purpose that we asked Patrick and The Wellness Enterprise to be our first-ever sponsor at the Hydration Foundation.

Patrick’s creation meets our standards of science, affordability and ease of use.  Patrick even implemented a payment plan at our request so we could get better water into the hands of families who couldn’t afford a one-time payment.  Over time these simple devices deliver trustworthy water for pennies with no expensive filters or electrical costs. They are affordable and easy to use.



The Hydration Foundation has also worked to create HYFO Lab LLC to test and certify these new innovations.  For the first time we can test and certify products and will continue to do so to fill this need for validation.

And we are delighted to present our first certified product, tested in our own lab – the Aqua Energizer!

You can access the Exclusive Special Offer we have created with the Wellness Enterprise on Aqua Energizers on this page.

Not only are these devices worthy of acclaim for passing our testing and certification process but they are also a leap forward in innovation as our water is now energized by copper, crystals and minerals recovering nature’s materials and strategies.  New innovations have allowed us to move from plastic to copper.

Finally, let me share a short story.  Two years ago my young and healthy husband was unexpectedly diagnosed with acute leukemia.  It turned our life upside down. But one thing remained consistent. Everyday I bought a portable structured water device to the hospital and poured all the bottled water the hospital gave us through it before offering it to my dear love.  I have no proof whatsoever what impact that had on his health, but it does indicate how seriously I took all that research and listening I did about how structured or charged water conducts and coordinates cell-to-cell communication. Water is essential to biocellular function. We know that, by instinct.  What we don’t recognize is how chemically washing water to sterilize it, and pressurizing water through pipes ends up stripping water of its coherent wave patterns and natural electromagnetic effect. We need help to return water to its original status. Spin funnels or vortexing devices are an important part of that help.  My husband is now in complete health, his doctors amazed at his total recovery.