The Hydration Foundation is working to bring you the first ever Hydration Summit with free access for all. World-class doctors, scientists, and practitioners share how and why to hydrate. AND it’s not 8 glasses a day.


Our Summit will be the most up-to-date, inspiring, practical and lasting information that has yet been provided on hydration. Instead of the ineffective, “8 glasses a day” prescription for all, we bring you interviews revealing extraordinary and brand new understandings of hydration from top doctors and scientists. They share how they practice becoming water-rich in body and soul.


The Hydration Summit is an entirely new model of summits, providing free, ongoing access for any and all. Hydration is simply too important and urgent to be behind a price-tag or a 10 day event. So we designed our summit to roll out over this next year, gathering ever more of us for a community-supported effort. We are carrying out our mission with delight, to spread better hydration with rolling interviews that are released even before we launch all together on February 14, 2020.


We are inviting sponsors to help us continue to make hydration education and know-how free to all.  At the Hydration Foundation we’ve created a “prescription” that is a simple 8 minute read, getting brand new concepts and know how to patients, clients and any reader interested in future zip.

We must move on from the one prescription fits all “from 8 glasses a day” to help our children, our elders and ourselves find our own best hydration strategies. Too many of us are dangerously under-drinking or over-drinking. We share how to find your own balance using more than drinking alone to hydrate. We include recipes for hydrating food and movement routines that can be done at a desk or even in a car. We are all busy, doctors too, and many are so pressed they can’t have the full know-how conversation about hydration, that’s were HyFo comes to the rescue!  Send them to us for hydration tips, science and effective whole body approaches that has everybody feeling better, not only patients and doctors, but for sports, travel, health, smarts, beauty, and longevity.


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