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Hydration Foundation

The HYDRATION FOUNDATION is the premier institution and first philanthropic effort to look at the water science of hydration. We increase public awareness and promote better practices of hydration. We also accelerate research and disseminate findings on the new science of hydration and water usage, through strategic partnerships, education initiatives, and related activities. Water philanthropy is generally focused on scarcity, purity and sanitation; our focus is on hydration and the emerging science.


Gina Bria, an anthropologist and author, discovered hydration solutions to modern water challenges while researching desert dwellers. Her first project was to support her elderly mother who was suffering from dehydration in a nursing home. Inspired by traditional practices, Gina created a gentle plan to help her mom recover. Surprised these natural strategies, confirmed by recent science breakthroughs, were not more widespread, she convened the first TEDx event Bodies of Water, creating 4 TEDxtalks, as well as the Hydration Foundation to spread information on structured water.

Gina has been researching ritual, ritual foods, nutrition, and hydration strategies for 25 years. A graduate of Columbia University's anthropology department, and named a Real World Scholar, she is a founding member of the World Wide Water and Health Association with Dr. Gerald Pollack, who was the first speaker at the launch of the HYDRATION FOUNDATION in 2014. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Grand Central Station, Harvard University, and Wissenschaftskollege in Berlin. An innovator and inspiring speaker, she has changed the conversation on water and develops solution-focused projects and products to advance hydration and water use.

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