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Ideas You Never Knew

We have a fab tool to remind you to hydrate before you lose energy and focus. It’s our Instagram. #HydrationDaily is Instagram with purpose. We drop it daily at 3 pm to remind you to hydrate, saving you from the dreaded afternoon slump. It’s a gentle nudge offering new ways to hydrate. It’s not the same old 8 glasses a day advice.  It’s ideas you never knew.

Cut Down on all That Drinking

REAL Hydration happens using many ways, not just tossing water in there!  It’s a critical mistake to only use water to hydrate. We have to actually absorb all the water we drink. That’s were food and recipes come in. Mixing water with the sponging fibers found in fresh fruits and veggies was always part of nature’s strategy.  

Move to Hydrate

We also share why you should get outta your chair and take your hydration for a walk. Movement is the secret second half of hydration. Any movement squeezes the water in your body. This hydraulic act flushes old waste out of your tissues and draws in fresh hydration. Hydration isn’t only inflow, it’s outflow too!  Movement is essential to hydration. Even fidgeting helps!

Follow us and we will get you to better hydration, one day at at time. #HydrationDaily