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Michelob Takes Organic Farming Mainstream with A Super Bowl Ad as More Organizations Recognize the Importance of Regenerative Agriculture 

Michelob Ultra, the Hydration Foundation supports your initiative featured in your Super Bowl 2020 commercial:

“In America, less than 1% of our farmland is organic…. and farmers who want to transition face monumental challenges. What if we could help them, simply by having a beer?  Michelob Ultra introduces 6 for 6-pack. Pick up a six pack and we’ll help transition six square feet of farmland to organic.”

How We Can Help Organic Farmers 

The Hydration Foundation has created a similar program that will launch on February 15, 2020 during our Hydration Solution Summit.  Participants in our free, online summit learn how to make personal hydration the first step to ecological solutions. We created a “press” button for anyone to provide water decontamination equipment directly to farmers, via the Hydration Foundation’s non-profit status. With our Farmacy Movement:

$99 = 3 acres restored

Yes, we can help organic farmers.  All of us, right now. Regenerative agriculture is important, so important that it is literally the way out of our ecological mess.

Your participation will directly aid farmers and America in the following ways: accelerate soil recovery within a year; reduce in water use by 30%; eliminate pesticide use by 40%; and produce higher crop yield even in drought conditions. See how regenerative agriculture is important? It amounts to an incredible gift, field after field, farm after farm.

Organic Farmland Solutions Already Exist

The world’s best and brightest thinkers have zeroed in on the quickest strategies to address water conservation, climate change, and restoring ecological balance. Returning soil to health through organic farming and cutting-edge irrigation stores carbon from the atmosphere, restores aquifers, reduces wildfires, and—surprise!—provides healthier and cheaper food for our tables while getting farmers a better income. Did we say regenerative agriculture is important? This isn’t theoretical, it’s field tested.  We want to spread it as quickly as possible.

Organic Farming Is Sustainable, But Regenerative Agriculture is Way Beyond Sustainable

Organic farming, or regenerative agriculture, is the number one effective answer to restoring Mother Nature back to balance.  The Hydration Foundation’s program and summit, works in tandem with Dr. Zach Bush Farmer’s Footprint Initiative and Kiss the Ground and your $99 = 3 acres restored. Our farmer networks are in place, farmers are already asking for our donated devices because they save so much water. Let’s go! We CAN help organic farmers.

Donate Now.

we can help organic farmers most through hydration