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Morning routine: Upper Body

Start with dropping your chin to your chest three times. Feel the gentle tug across your shoulders and up your neck.

Draw some circles in the air with your chin, first small ones, eventually getting larger and looser.

Draw a figure 8 in air with your chin.  Now try it with your nose. Alternate between chin and nose for an advanced perception experience.

Move your ear to your shoulder a couple of times, as best as you are able, only to your comfort.

You don’t need to actually have them touch, you are just trying to activate all the muscles between them.  Explore different positions, should up, shoulder down.

Swing your chin over your shoulder, look down, look up, and do it for your other shoulder somewhere in your day.

Move your elbows backwards as if you were trying to have them meet, until you feel your shoulder blades squeeze, two or three times. If you like, raise up your chin as you squeeze, but only to gentle comfort range.

Move your elbows, with arms bent, behind your back and try to have them touch, and you will feel two great stretches in your shoulder blade region and one across your chest. Squeeze your elbows towards each other a couple of times.

Drop your chin to your chest, let out a breath, then raise shoulders, scrunching them up to your ears. Quickly drop your shoulders.

First half of the body is done! Later this afternoon, work on the lower half of your body.