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Did you know that an apple or cucumber is MORE hydrating than a bottle of water?  Why? The fiber in the apple helps keep the hydration in you longer, releasing it over time.

Tap or bottled water can run right through you in as little as ten minutes.

But even more importantly, the juice of that apple or cucumber has natural electrolytes, minerals and nutrients that create an electric charge missing from tap and bottled water.

That charge is what makes hydration fuel, and gets hydration inside your cells.

Your cells then have the energy and organization they need to work in synergy with each other.

That’s why hydration is so important.

That’s what’s missing from our tap or bottled water, from the water we bath in or even irrigate our farmlands with.

Get an apple in your day, you’ll find you need less liquid, and the liquid you do drink will stay in your system longer, so less peeing.

There!  A surprising new way to hydrate better than all that drinking!