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Where Toxin Removal Really Comes From

Filters are found everywhere in Nature.  Water itself is a filter. Water, in fact, is known as the universal solvent. As water shifts through its spectrum of states or phases, from vapor to liquid to gel to ice, each of these transformative states filters out different kinds or sizes of particles so that by the time water reaches its ice stage it is crystal clear.

Wherever water flows, either through the ground or through our bodies, it dissolves chemicals, minerals, and nutrients.  And, here is the breakthrough science: This is done by a very simple, but only recently identified, mechanism using electromagnetic charge (Pollack, 2013).  

Further confirmation, newly published through the lab work of scientists like Pollack (2018), del Guidice (2013), Ho, MW (2015), and the Petersen Group at Cornell (2017) show that water in our body doesn’t only moisten us or serve as a background medium, but water, by its changing shape and energy,  is the very essence that runs the action of life, unfolding proteins and coordinating all cell signals. Water is not only our solvent, it is our fuel, and it is our medium for conducting electricity and the frequencies for cell-to-cell signalling. 

As water molecules link together they start sharing spinning, cascading electrons. This shared charge not only increases energy inside and between molecules, it changes the molecules lace-like angles of the hydrogen bonds. Together water molecules form a microscopic netting or network with pulsing plasma-like “holes” that become smaller or larger depending on the charge environment of the molecules.  

Medical doctor and author Dr. Tom Cowan, in his book Cancer and the New Biology of Water  discusses how cytoplasm, the water network inside cells, is porous to potassium but does not let the sodium molecules enter the cell. This shifting shape of the water netting or bonding is known as its structure. It is an elegant efficient design of great beauty that only Nature could create and in fact it serves as Nature’s answer to filtration. 

Structure is destroyed, torn or diminished, by the way we treat our water.  Tap, bottled and filtered water has little to no charge or structure left after the way it is treated.  Processed through chemical treatment plants and pressurized through narrow pipes, or growing stale and deoxygenated sitting on shelves, water loses charge.   Filters do not fix this damage. They remove contaminants to varying degrees, depending on the filter, but they also can remove the electrical charge, the very fuel or energy of water.  Filters often remove electrolytes, activated minerals that make water have charge.  Filters can make your water taste or smell better but they can’t provide the energy that will help you overcome our all to common low-grade fatigue.  

Clinical evidence is now available that charged or structured water is vital to help cells hydrate and perform their natural elimination function through lymph, lungs, liver and skin. (Dr. Zach Bush, MD, Cell-Cell Communication: Three Elements of Health and Human Healing, 2016)  

Further, charged cells are hydrated cells capable of fueling us as Nature intended. Hydration does so much, keeping us moist, conducting energy, removing waste, orchestrating cell-to-cell signals. And of course, it’s water inside us that carries out waste and contaminants. 

Since this new science shows that the body,  even the cell itself, is a filter, then man-made filters are only necessary for exceptional reasons. You will know you need a filter if you resist drinking water or you don’t like the taste, smell or feel of your water. On this point too, Nature provides an example when animals sense what water is acceptable to drink.

3 Conditions When a Water Filter is Necessary

  • Taste and odor. If your water doesn’t taste or smell good, it’s unlikely you would drink enough to hydrate yourself 
  • You are experiencing toxic overload or a compromised immune system 
  • Your well has lots of organic matter
  • The most important characteristic of water and hydration is electric charge.  We accumulate toxins because of the lack of electrical energy flow. Real hydration is not more drinking, it is getting water with charge into your cells.  That means restoring the original electrical charge of Nature, that’s real hydration: water conducting electricity. Restore charge to your water and let water do its ultimate work of filtering, as Nature planned.