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Nutrition Through the Skin
Nature has two ways to hydrate: water, and oil. But you already instinctually knew that. Winter dryness especially calls us to use oils to sink into dry skin. Plants use the same strategy; in winter they dry out, but they keep themselves alive by concentrating their essential oils in their stems and branches. In fact these oils contain and concentrate the plant’s bioactive agents. 

Therefore it is possible to think of oil application as nutrition . . . a form of absorbing powerful bioagents through the skin, not just through the digestive tract. We are just used to thinking about getting our nutrition through our food, but plant oils are truly nutritive. 

Applying oils is a superior way to bring hydration and nutrition to our body’s changing needs, and it is ancient and time-honored because it works. And it is delightful. We respond to this goodness on all levels of our senses. 

Waste and Detox Require Oils and Fats
But there is another aspect that is just as important as getting hydration absorbed, and that is using hydration to carry out waste. Detox is a more urgent biological task than ever with our compromised environments, indoors and out. Again, there are two ways to do that: waste that is water soluble and waste that is only fat soluble, and we need them both to wash out waste. 

We need incoming oils to dissolve oil soluble contaminants. More than keeping us moist, hydration, both water and oils, keeps not only our skin clean, but our cells clean. Eating high quality fats and applying oils doubles our hydration effectiveness. Essential oils add powerful cleansing bioagents when mixed with carrier oils. 

Here’s where I want to say that not all essential oils are created equal. You do not want to apply essential oils directly to the skin that are not therapy grade as the industry is full of companies that in a quest to save money adulterate oils with synthetics that can be harmful. Look for therapy grade oils for quality. Young Living is a brand we respect as certified and includes a line of essential oils approved by the FDA, some even for internal use. 

Finally Oil and Water Mix!
Essential oils used in diffusers are a brilliant solution to amplify the impact of hydration. Finally oil and water mix! Ultrasonic diffusers allows all bioactive agents, those bioactive particles, to be carried by vapor in cohesive waves or resonance. 

Breathing in vapor, especially vapor loaded with aromatic molecules found in essential oils brings in not only nutrition via lung tissues, but electrically charges the water droplets. This allows hydration to move across the cell membrane and get right inside each cell. This electrical charge, conducted by hydration, instructs the cells how to function at capacity. 

Diffusers not only hydrate the lungs inside us, but hydrate our skin by moistening the air around us. Another double win.This can be amplified even further by using structured water in your diffuser. (See The Wellness Enterprise for structured water devices.) Diffusers are affordable and using essential oils this way is a lasting and foundational health practice that leads to more joyous, peaceful interiors, inside and out! Inhaling hydration, nutrition and electrical energy is especially merciful to the vulnerable elderly or those among us who need unseen healing to surround them. One last tip: diffusers are now made for cars. Brilliant.