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Dr. Linda Lancaster is the doctor doctors go to, they wait to get on her wait list, they wait patiently in her office, and for a long time they have been waiting for her to write down all she knows. After 40 years of practice this naturopath physician is revealing her hard-won wisdoms and protocols. The surprise is they are simple, simple, simple and they work, work, work. Harmonic Healing: Restore Your Vital Force for Lifelong Wellness published by Rodale Press includes recipes and her famous cleansing protocols including bath recipes used faithfully by anyone who finds out about them. Dr. Lancaster is a force for good in the tired and cynical medical profession, known for convening the annual Global Forum for Integrative Medicine in New York City where health practitioners attend to find renewal not only for their patients but for themselves. In this interview with the Hydration Foundation, Dr. Lancaster shares a simple way to measure the energy in your food and water.