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We are mostly water.  99% of our molecules are water.  Yet we are more dehydrated than ever before. Why? Dehydration causes and consequences are now everywhere, and unavoidable.  More clinicians every day are saying ALL of us are dehydrated.

From what we drink and eat:

  • Stale tap & stagnant bottled water
  • dry processed and packaged foods
  • Over-caffeinated lattes
  • Alcohol and sodas
  • Medications, whether prescribed or OTC

to our immobility, where we

  • Sit all day
  • Commute to jobs
  • Travel frequently by airplane
  • And wind up home at night parked in front of screens

to our current environments using

  • Cell phones, computers and surrounded by electronics
  • AC and heating
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • We are all sealed indoors, in artificial settings with little sunlight

Each of these things, throughout our day, evaporates the water within us. Dehydration literally withers and shrinks us, reducing each cell’s buoyancy and lifespan.  The effects of being dehydrated are profound, from brain fog and irritability all the way to memory loss and Alzheimer’s, from insulin swings and afternoon fatigue to diabetes and metabolic syndrome.


We all are watching the staggering rise in chronic illness, autism, concussions, athletic injuries, restlessness, sleeplessness, full-on insomnia, depression, blood disorders, anxiety, infertility, dry skin, dull hair, bone brittleness, achy joints, shortened attention spans and life spans.  Surely you’ve felt lack of focus and increased fatigue, the joyless grind, along with the rest of us. And are you carrying extra pounds? That’s a dehydration impact.


8 Glasses a Day is Not the Way

Conventional wisdom says 8 glasses a day or half our body weight in ounces are appropriate paths to optimal hydration, but with 100% of us now dehydrated at some point during our day clearly there needs to be a better way. When it comes to drinking enough water, quantity is not quality.  Drinking too much water can flush out vital nutrients and electrolytes.

From our vulnerable kids to our vulnerable elderly, we need a better approach fast.  Join us at the Hydration Foundation, where it’s our JOB, and calling, to offer you better hydration tips, recipes, and access to modern-day, science-based, clinically-proven strategies developed by leading physicians and world leading scientists.  Get relief, get replenished, get optimal, and let your personal hydration be the beginning of world-wide water solutions, just in time for our water-challenged world.