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Growing water is a surprise strategy from old, rediscovered just in time in our water-challenged world. Anthropologist Gina Bria compares modern environments to desert conditions and explores how other cultures and times adapted and flourished in extremis. She shares one secret we can all use.

Gina collects stories and strategies from around the globe on where to find water. She founded the Hydration Foundation, incubated at the Centre for Social Innovation bringing together traditional approaches and new water science to offer strategies for hydration. Trained at Columbia University, Gina was named Real World Scholar with World Evolved Lecture Series. She works with scientists, clinicians, schools, and organizations to promote optimal hydration and new approaches. Her current work focuses on the newly emerging science of fascia and its role in tissue hydration and electrical conduction.

Her first book, The Art of Family: Rituals, Imagination, and Everyday Spirituality, was a Starbuck’s selection. She is author of QUENCH: A Five-Day Plan for Optimal Hydration, with integrative physician Dr Dr. Dana Cohen, MD.


This nine minute talk with alert you to new sources of water on our planet.  Water isn’t only blue; it’s green.