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The World Health Organization has calculated that half of all patients in hospitals worldwide are there because of diseases caused by contaminated water or lack of water. This means that poor water quality causes more hospitalizations than any other illness.

The hypothesis of a recently concluded German study is that healthy water should therefore have a greater healing potential than any other substance. There are only relatively few water studies involving humans, and of these, many times sponsors of the study include water companies. This German clinical study, “Health Effects of Mineral Water,” is unique because it is a fully independent study.

Robust Study Design

Dr. Kirsten Deutschlander recently conducted this study (for abstract in English) to assess the effects of water. The cohort was 80 patients with various disease states and conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression. Patients were asked to carry on as normal and not change any of their normal daily activities with the exception of drinking 1.5 liters (just over 6 cups) of mineral water. Minerals are part of a chain reaction that structures water. Patients were followed up to 12 weeks. Over 14,000 data collection points were taken and analysed. A full write up of the study is available here (in German).

Dr. Kirsten Deutschlander, MD is a general medicine practitioner with a special interest in water research. She is Chief Physician of the Prevention and Rehabilitation Clinic in Munich, Germany and serves as Chief Physician for Quellen des Lebens, an interdisciplinary and international team of scientific experts, water researchers, doctors, health practitioners, biologists, biophysicists, chemists, lawyers and journalists providing water research information.

Astounding and Profound Results

The results were profound and not what Dr. Deutschlander expected:

On a quantitative level:

  • a significant increase of the antioxidative capacity
  • the reduction of oxidative stress
  • an improved detoxification of the connective tissue
  • a reduced allergic activation
  • a lower activity of inflammatory diseases

On a subjective level, the following were observed:

  • an anxiety-reducing effect
  • a better mental well-being
  • an increased contentment with life
  • enhanced physical performance

Furthermore, patients reported:

  • Reduced dosage of their medications for chronic diseases, such as insulin for diabetes
  • Weight loss
  • Behavior changes towards more health consciousness and awareness

It would seem that when good quality water has the opportunity to demonstrate its many capabilities, it is more than up for the task!