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Dr. Tom Cowan is a paradigm-shifting MD,  asking simple why and how questions. He joins us here to discuss the new whys and hows of water.  You cannot listen to this interview without hearing Literal Revelations about what water is doing inside our bodies.

Dr. Cowan asked a lot of questions when he served as an ER doctor part-time for 10 years, influenced by his Peace Corps years in Swaziland, South Africa.  HIs books, and we thank the stars he is a writer, have raised reconsiderations about numerous medical practices in favor of health care. The Hydration Foundation welcomes the opportunity to share his questions and to have him specifically speak about water, hydration, and especially the newly identified gel state of water, also known as structured water, liquid crystalline water, EZ water, or fourth phase water.  You will never think of water as simply “wet” again. His take away recommendations are also a surprise that have nothing to do with 8 glasses a day.