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One of our favorite water quotes is from late anthropologist and professor Loren Eiseley.

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”

We couldn’t agree more.  Water with its life-giving properties – hydrogen, oxygen, and energy is truly MAGIC.  So, what is MAGIC? Theories of magic began alongside the 19th-century origins of anthropology. As a category in anthropology, it resurfaces time and time again.  The term refers to beliefs and behaviors in which the relationship between an act and its effect is not completely seen, empirically or scientifically.

With regards to water, we can define water magic as the ability to change forms, to create something from nothing (life), and to have awe-inspiring, wondrous qualities. Much of what we are learning about water is newly verified scientifically, for example, that water has 4 phases, has a molecular structure of H3O2 (as opposed to tap or bottled H2O) and has different phases of energy conduction. Yet, on the awe-inspiring front, water truly is magic in the sense that there is still so much we are learning.  It’s possible there are some things about water we may never fully comprehend from a purely scientific point of view.