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Whether by plane (the most dehydrating man-made environment invented) or daily commutes by cars and trains, travel dehydrates.  Here are a few tips to get your there better than when you left.

  • Travel with Chia Seeds, ground up or not, but toss 1 teaspoon in a water bottle or juice and shake vigorously.  I make my recipe up after I am on the other side of the security gate. (and I keep a ziplock bag in my car and office.)
  • You will find you need less water to feel hydrated and your brain stays sharp and your digestive power stays intact.  Chia seeds, with their high gel, omega and protein content, plus their moisturizing benefit, soothe many systems at once.
  • Travel with essential oils.  Inhaling a few drops cupped in your palms protects your air passages and decontaminates your hands. Frankincense is especially powerful.
  • Travel with some green or red food powders.  Mixed with your chia seeds you have your own instant smoothie.
  • Take a post-travel bath with one cup epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda to mitigate the impact of radiation from security and flying.