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How to be Hydrated

Let the Hydration Foundation show you how to DRINK a better kind of water, EAT more hydrating foods, and MOVE to hydrate perfectly.

Drink a Better Kind of Water

You are 99% water by molecules and drinking water is the most obvious of the 3 principles of hydration. To get the maximum absorption from what you drink and to make it available all the way down to the cellular level, you need to drink water, but not just any kind of water.  There is a better kind of water than tap or bottled water that optimally hydrates you and reduces the need for high volume liquid intake. This new kind of water is the water we find in nature – it is the water in streams and springs, in fruits and vegetables, and in our cells. It was recently “ identified” as structured water with the molecular structure of H3O2.

Emerging science has come out of the culmination of over 30 years of experiments and research from the laboratory of Dr Gerald Pollack, PhD from the University of Washington in Seattle. Documented by Dr Pollack, H3O2, the next phase of water, has vitally important differences from plain tap or bottled water.  

H3O2 is 10% denser and has more oxygen than regular H2O.  Perhaps the most surprising difference is that while H2O has no charge, structured water has an electrical  charge. This is how water forms a battery and begins producing and storing energy inside us.  This is the very energy needed to move, think, heal, and repair. H3O2 is our fuel for healing. We need it for our hydration, energy, and vitality. H3O2 is nature’s water.

The H3O2 Difference

H3O2 H2O
Intracellular water – hydration Extracellular water – dehydration
Efficient detoxification Limited detoxification
Charged molecules give energy No charge, lifeless
Physics is the science, goal is energy Chemistry is the science, goal is purity
“Alive” – aligned with nature “Dead” – corrupted by man-made influences
People say “I like water now and drink more of it.” People say “It’s just water and I don’t like it.”
Feels softer, wetter, and absorbable Not easily absorbed, passes through body

Structured Water Hydrates Better Than Regular Water

Structured water hydrates differently because it is a different stage of water that moistens longer and conducts electrical function in the body far more efficiently.  That is why you can hydrate with less liquid required from regular water. It turns out, drinking 8 glasses of water a day is not the way, drinking nature’s water is the way.

Structured Water is the 4th Phase of Water

“The 4th Phase” is the name for the newly “identified” type of water.  Water is the only known substance found in 4 phases. In addition to liquid, solid, and vapor, structured water exists as gel water. Gel water can seem as thin as a liquid but slightly silkier and it can also expand to become as thick as gelatin.  When you soak chia seeds you can actually see the gel forming. Another example is the gel water from bone broth that everyone finds so healing.

Turning Tap Water into Natures Water for Optimal Hydration

Besides the water found in nature’s springs and streams, you can also get optimally hydrated from natural juices and smoothies (click here for simple, hydrating recipes).  You can also create structured water out of tap and/or bottled water. The technologies in many of these devices are based on vortexing, which is like water flowing down a mountain stream. We recommend products at the the Structured Water Superstore.