The Hydration Foundation names Tom Brady as our first ever Hydration Hero!

Brady is the personification of longevity at his sport and in his life through hydration. He uses three hydration strategies which we recommend as well. Eating a high plant diet leads not only to better nutrition, but better hydration found in fruits and veggies. He uses daily stretching of muscles and fascia tissues, another strategy that leads to hydration delivery more deeply into our tissue and organs. And he uses minerals to add to water, and even produced his own brand TB12. All these strategies together produce concussion and injury prevention, vital knowledge for our kids playing sports after school….and that’s why we think he is a Hydration Hero.

And… click here to learn how Michelob’s Ultra Gold Initiative announced during their 2020 Super Bowl commercial is interwoven with the Hydration Foundation’s Farmacy Movement!


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